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Truths About Weight Loss: Part Seven

Putting it all together: How to reach your goals. By Larry N Smith and Flo Hester

We've covered a lot of ground if you have read all the blogs on weight loss. So, now is when we put it all together and get you on the weight loss train...."All Aboard!"

Exercise combined with a good diet and limiting your bad habits is the key to improving your health, losing weight, and maintaining your overall well being. There are other things you can do as well, such as taking vitamins, omega 3 oil, and other supplements but these are just to augment to real work of weight loss. Exercise, Diet and determination are the key drivers of success.

No One Said It Would Be Easy!

Getting started begins with a visit to FloMotion Fitness web site, a text to FloMotion Fitness 352-222-7078 or better yet just drop by (15315 NW US Highway 441 Alachua, Florida 32615) and say, "hello." Flo and the staff will get you started. The team will interview you and help you understand the process and design a comprehensive program that will help you achieve the weight loss goals you want.

This program will include a 6 to 12month overview of your training program. It will have specific goals such as dietary modifications, exercise goals, strength and balance goals followed by overall strength and development goals. These goals will be monitored with periodic reassessments to be sure you are on track to reach them.

Next is when and where you begin the process and this is the hardest part of the journey because no one comes in conditioned and ready to take on a solid hour of High Intensity Interval Training. We will get you there.

Remember, and we will remind you, "it is a four year journey." But by the end of that four years there will be a new and motivated you coming out the other side.

We look forward to working with you. Letting us help you reach your goals is what we do. And we do it well.


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