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Read a little more about what we're doing over at FloMotion Fitness.


My name is Deneil Newton, and I am a FloMotion fanatic. Who would have thought after walking past this place several times on nice neighborhood walks, would I now be one of the crazies that I glimpsed doing exercises I thought I could never do. I began this journey at close to 200 pounds and 6 pants sizes bigger. I was in search of something that would be challenging but yet fun at the same time. Under Flo's direction, I have accomplished just that and more. There is no one more passionate about what she does and seeing that we reach our goals. I personally love FloMotion because there's never a dull moment. The routines are never the same, and above all, you see results. If I had to do the same routine everyday, I am sure I would stopped working out due to boredom. If you have ever considered beginning a workout regimen with like minded, everyday people that don't intimidate you with their buffness, don't hesitate to try FloMotion Fitness!!! I absolutely love it!!


Since joining FloMotion Fitness, I’ve lost over 30lbs and nearly 10 inches. My goal weight is within reach. But more importantly than my physical appearance, working with Flo has had a major impact on my psyche, health and overall wellness. She’s invested time in me that I hadn’t even bothered to invest in myself, and for that I’m eternally grateful. I can't say enough great things about FloMotion Fitness. Flo has completely changed my outlook on exercise. The love she has for fitness and seeing clients reach their goals is evident in all that she does. Even in group classes, Flo offers personalized coaching to all her clients, helping them to progress or regress each exercise based on their individualized need. From someone who definitely suffered from "gymtimidation" and dreaded exercise altogether, I am now eager to work out and hate missing classes. The family atmosphere and personalized approach to FloMotion Fitness is one you won't find anywhere else. Thanks, as always, to Flo for her unsurpassed support, love and motivation.


What I love about Flo, is that she pushes and encourages you to reach your goals. She will make sure that your form and technique are correct so you will get the best results. If you have an imbalance or an injury, she designs a plan or exercise to meet your specific needs. FloMotion Fitness has not only helped me with my exercise regime, but also with my nutrition. At times my dietary choices are not optimum, as I love ice cream and burgers, but Flo has helped me recognize the importance of maintaining healthier eating habits. As I have gotten older, I realize I don’t burn calories as efficiently as I did in the past. Flo is always motivating and educating me on the importance of balancing my nutrition with my exercise. If you are interested in improving your fitness level, I highly recommend Flo at FloMotion Fitness. She will design a plan to meet your needs and keep you on track!


Though I am not one to track my weight-loss (I hate the scale), I do take regular body measurements and I have shed inches off of my body since starting just 6 months ago.  Her training, as well as her help in designing a meal plan that works for me, has helped me to feel so much healthier and happier and I have gained strength I didn’t know I had.  Flo is incredibly knowledgeable about human anatomy and physiology which allows her to truly customize a workout (even in a group setting) based on your unique needs and personal goals.  Every workout is different and I love that it’s always an intense mix of cardio, weight-training, and functional workouts.  Flo coaches you through every workout and constantly encourages and motivates all of her clients.  Her enthusiasm, positive energy and passion for what she does is inspiring and because of that, I truly look forward to working every day.  If you are ready to make a lifestyle change, make sure to check out Flomotion Fitness!

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