Are you tired of being tired? Not seeing the results you so desperately work for? Together at FloMotion Fitness we can help you achieve your goals! We are all about change; we want to change the way you think about exercise and nutrition.

Be your own inspiration and commit to yourself. Don't let your excuses stop you, call today and try one of our classes. You will get a great workout and maybe even meet your new best friend!


Open Gym

$30/month with a 

6 month commitment


Group Fitness

$80/month is for 3 classes per week, $100/month for unlimited classes per week



(this rate is per person and must include 2+ people)



One-on-one personal training with one of our certified trainers

Self-Guided Training Program

A 10-week training program written by a certified personal trainer for your use whenever and wherever you like. It will be constructed to help you reach your goals. Price will vary based on number of workouts per week and if customized to a specific number of weeks.


Your key to the garage gym membership experience!

If you're ready to start training on your own but want to skip out on the big box gym chaos, this is your chance! Our gym will be accessible 24/7* with the use of your own key fob. All of our equipment is available for you to use to get in your own workout on your own time. 

*Remember, that if you come during our regular open hours there may be personal training sessions going on or a group fitness class. They will take precedence when it comes to equipment of limited quantities during those specific hours.




Focused Intense Resistance Exercise

Proven Results

Interval Cardio Exercise is a science-based approach that maximizes fitness and fat loss. The research behind the principles of our Group Fitness Training prove you can burn up to 3 times more fat during cardio exercise.

Exciting, Fun, Safe Results Driven Workouts

Our Instructor designs programs suited for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced!

Be a Part of Our Amazing Community

Exercise in a supportive non-threatening atmosphere!


Focused Intense Resistance Exercise

The Body Shaper

The only non-surgical way to change the shape of your body is through resistance exercise!  At FloMotion Fitness our Semi Private Training programs are 12-week Periodized Hypertrophy Training programs designed to build and shape the body.

​Achieve Your Goals

  • Science-based and research proven!

  • Create amazing improvements in strength!

  • Experience rapid change in health and body shape!

Designed for Everyone

  • No matter your goal or fitness level! 

  • Benefits of small group training: support, motivation, and accountability


It's About Your Personal Goals!

Whether you’re training to lose weight, gain strength, improve functional movement or just want to trim and tone, our one-on-one fitness program will be personalized just for you.


*Ages 18 and under

Don't be afraid to start when you're young!

Maybe you're training for a specific sport and are ready to take your performances to the next level, or maybe you would like to learn proper form and how to use different types of fitness equipment. We're ready to help get you started!

Personal Training & Sport Conditioning with Claire

$45 for 1x
per Week

1 60-minute session per week with a certified personal trainer

$75 for 2x
per Week

2 60-minute sessions per week with a certified personal trainer

$110 for 3x
per Week

3 60-minute sessions per week with a certified personal trainer

Contact Claire at (850) 461- 8539 or FloMotion Fitness (352) 222 - 7078 to get started!


Interested in participating in group fitness and having open gym access? You can package them together for $70/month.

     Included: 24/7 open gym access and 3 group fitness classes a week.

Other Options

Open Gym*

  • $20/month for 24/7 access

One-time $5 key fob fee

  • $8 self-guided workouts written by one of our trainers to meet your goals

*Ages 18 and under

Group Fitness*

  • $50/month for 3 classes per week

  • $80/month for unlimited classes

per week 

*Ages 18 and under