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The Self-Guided Training Program

Did you know that not only do we offer group fitness classes and private training sessions, but also a self-guided training program? No! Well, let me give you a quick rundown.

A self-guided training program is a multi-week set of workouts written by one of our certified personal trainers. The exercises will be selected for you based on your fitness and wellness goals. Generalized workouts you can find/buy online are great for beginners as they will be a way for you to get your foot in the door and learn different exercises and workout styles. However, they do fall short in one very important aspect: you! Workouts you find on Pinterest, a training app, website, etc. are all written for the general population with no knowledge of you and you are the most vital part. Our slogan at FloMotion Fitness is "it's never too late to reinvent yourself". While we often focus on the "never too late" or "reinvent" part, it's the "you" aspect that really matters. You're not working out to reinvent someone else or reinvent a workout, you're working out to reinvent YOU.

This is the perfect addition to your open gym membership because you can come exercise on your own time but you'll still find accountability in your pre-written workout personalized for you. Also, your trainer can be as involved as you want them to be! Training on a budget? Then sign-up for open gym and get customized self-guided workouts that emphasize training on things you want to improve. Want your trainer to be more involved? Then schedule consults with them every couple of weeks to reevaluate where you're at or check in with them regularly after a workout to share how it went and how you feel. Typically, the more involved your trainer is the faster you will see results but you know how you train and what you need to get better; the trainers at FloMotion are here to encourage you through that. Let us be a part of your wellness journey and support you in whatever way we can!


Contact us on our website through the "contact us" form, reach us at (352) 222-7078, or through our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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