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Are you giving up something for Lent or starting something that will make you healthier?

BY: Emilie "Flo" Hester, CPT & Larry N. Smith, MD, CPT

Fat Tuesday has passed and you abused your body accordingly. Now you are sacrificing something through Lent. Well, instead of giving something up. Why not add something into your lifestyle that is healthy. Start a new exercise program. Get back to riding your bike. Start running again or just join a gym. What ever it is, be sure it will be something that makes you stronger.

Some ideas we here at FloMotion Fitness suggest are:

  • Come signup for Indoor Cycle Classes at FloMotion Fitness with Diane Hansis. Diane offers classes all week and you can also do specialty bike and body classes. You will work hard but the outcome is a healthier and stronger body.

  • Join the FloMotion Fitness Group Fitness classes. These High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes will strengthen your body and help you loss those unwanted pounds.

  • Commit to working out yourself. Sign up for 24/7 Open Gym access. Come anytime and workout. Even better, take advantage of the Couples Membership packages so you can workout together.

  • Sign up for Private or Semi-Private Training workouts. Let one of the members of the FloMotion team make you better and stronger with personalized one on one training.

So, instead of just sacrificing something for Lent, add something healthy into the season. Something that will make you stronger and healthier. Come talk with us here at FloMotion Fitness. We want to make you healthier.

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