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Big Changes Start with Small Steps

By Emilie "Flo" Hester, CPT & Larry N. Smith, MD, CPT

True strength and resilience are not made in climate controlled, cookie cutter environments. These qualities are born by rising above self-imposed limits and overcoming what others turn away from.

2023 is the year to cast aside the customary resolutions to lose weight, get fit, and look good. Replacing them with the decision to just appreciate life and make it all you know it can be. There are days that life is hard, so by training hard you'll be prepared in body, mind, and spirit to face those hard days. Your fitness level, current weight, age, gender, or current life circumstance can only dictate your path if you let them. Envision the person you want to be, and commit yourself to make that vision a reality. Challenge yourself to take the first step in your personal journey and contact FloMotion Fitness today. You are the only one who can take that first step, but it will be the best step you make and you won't be doing it alone. At FloMotion Fitness you will find a dedicated group of people who will welcome you, just as you are. Our members are genuinely committed to supporting each other and Flo leads by example. She is passionately dedicated to each member of Team FloMo. The programs and workouts that Flo designs are engaging, challenging and adaptable to any fitness level. Flo would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your goals, show you the FloMotion Fitness Studio, and explain to you the training programs we offer, which include Group Fitness Training (HIIT / Cardio), Semi-Private Resistance Training (small group weight training), and One on One Personal Training (highly individualized program designed specifically for clients goals). Diane will introduce you to Cycling, Bike and Body, Barre and HIIT group classes. At FloMotion Fitness there is no judgement, gymtimidation, or inflated egos. We are ordinary people just like you. We encourage, support, and hold each other accountable. In this unique environment we have learned that being ordinary together, creates something extraordinary.

The lessons we learn go beyond the walls of our garage gym. Regardless of your current fitness level our facility and workouts focus on you. As you grow in strength and resilience, you will become confident in your ability to face and overcome challenges. By developing this confidence daily, each member of Team FloMo is able to experience victories over the only person we compete against, the person looking back in the mirror. When we exit the studio, through the bay door openings, we know we can accomplish what most are unwilling to try. Come join us and discover the strong, resilient, and extraordinary person you are.

-Team FloMo

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