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Truth About Weight Loss: Part Six

So, how does all this come together for you? By Larry Smith, MD, CPT & Emilie "Flo" Hester, CPT, NS.

Diagram 1: The Biochemistry of Fatty Acid Oxidation.

We have examined and covered a lot of information about weight loss, energy production and the role of fats in that process. Now how does that relate to the reality of my weight-loss and health journey? Fair question with a good answer.

A lot of research has been conducted that has helped the exercise community design better exercise programs that match the science.

  • Diet: It is important to examine your diet and be sure it is balanced, healthy and meets the caloric needs of your daily activity. Starvation diets accomplish weight loss that is followed by gaining it all back in a year and in many case putting on more than you lost. So, let us design you a sustainable and balanced diet that interfaces with your exercise program.

  • Weight Loss: Science has taught us..."don't be unreasonable" and "be realistic" in understanding your weight loss goals. If you loss one pound a week, then you are headed in the right direction. so to loss 50 pounds is a year long process.

  • Exercise: Science has taught us that to burn fat efficiently you need to exercise between 45 to 65 percent of your V-O2-Max.

    • There are several components of exercise that affect V-O2-Max, weight loss and energy production. Starting with the most obvious, your current level of conditioning plays a big role in your ability to oxidize fats and exercise efficiently. Intensity is next. How hard do you exercise? Obviously, not high at first but over time that intensity should increase. As it turns out, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Cycle Classes, and some weight lifting programs will put you into this middle zone of exercise efficiency. Diagram 2 depicts the optimal intensity zone for fatty acid oxidation. Duration is next. How long you exercise is as important as how hard. This also means you don't have to work out ridiculously hard for 20 minutes but can exercise in a moderate to moderately high level for an hour to achieve the results. This level of exercise burns fats, builds muscle, improves efficiency of energy production and begins the process of reshaping your body. Finally, your sex and your nutrition paly an importamt role in reaching your fitness levels.

  • Expectations: Be Patient! We will help you. The first year is the hardest. The second year you begin to see real changes. The third year you are seeing and feeling real improvements and the fourth year you love it and miss it if you are not in the gym.

So, fitness status, intensity, duration, sex and nutrition are the key components to a successful exercise program. FloMotion Fitness will get you where you want to be. Come down, text us, or request a consult through the web site. We are here to help.

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