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Supplement Safety

Should you be including dietary supplements in your weekly nutrition regimen? That isn't an answer that the team at FloMotion Fitness can answer directly. However, should you be in the market for dietary supplements at the direction of your health physician or maybe you just want to try hoping on the post-workout protein shake bandwagon, we would like to give you some safety guidelines.

Screen Your Supplement For Safety*

These are guidelines from OPSS that I have followed in regards to my own protein powder and other dietary supplement purchases.

Answer these questions yes (1 point) or no (0 points):

  1. Do you have one of these seals on your product? They show the product has been certified/verified for product quality by a third-party establishment.

  2. Are there less than 6 ingredients on the Supplement Facts Panel?

  3. Is the label free of any blends or complexes, such as proprietary blends or complexes?

  4. Can you pronounce the names of each ingredient on the Supplement Facts panel?

  5. Is the amount of caffeine listed on the label 200 mg or less per serving? (If caffeine isn't listed, you can answer yes).

  6. Is the label free of "quick fix" claims?

  7. Is the Daily Value (%DV) less than 200% for each ingredient on the Supplement Facts panel?

Total: Add up the "yes's". 4+ points is safe to purchase. Less than 4 points is a "no-go."

*Make sure that you refer health concerns or questions to your primary care physician first!

Here are some other resources for you, if you want to try dietary supplements.

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