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Meet the Team: Flo

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Welcome to the first meet the team post, where we will be letting you get a better peak at who makes up Team FloMo and who they are both in and outside the gym.

Flo's love of fitness and personal growth journey began when she met her Father-in-Law, Curtis Bush, in 1984. Curtis inspired her to dig deeper into the fitness world and he became a supportive mentor and role model in her life. He was the reason she found her love of fitness, and will always be the light that helped guide her dreams into fruition! He introduced Flo to the world of bodybuilding and free weight training. This gave her the confidence and courage to rise to the occasion and compete for herself. His influence and encouragement throughout the years, along with her knowledge of health and fitness, has expanded into changing the lives of many individuals who are pursuing their personal fitness journey. Flo is honored to have the opportunity to help others achieve their goals. (Photo: Curtis and Flo)

In 2009, Flo competed in her first Body Building Show in the Figure Division at the age of 42. It was something she always dreamed of doing, but she never really had the courage to step out on that stage. After her first show in Gainesville, she was hooked! Flo can remember how proud Curtis was of her accomplishment and how he encouraged her to continue to compete. Curtis personally trained Flo for her second show, the Gateway Classic, in April of 2010. She was grateful to win first place in the Masters Division. Her father-in-law couldn't have been more proud! Because of her personal achievements in her own physique, she has inspired many other women to realize it is "never too late" to make changes! Flo decided she wanted to help women her age realize their potential to improve their own lives, and thus became a certified personal trainer.

Flo started her personal training career working at Gainesville Health & Fitness. Her time there was not only training clients, but also developing knowledge of health and fitness. With the guidance of her coworkers, and the opportunity of the continuing education offered by the Personal Training Department at Gainesville Health & Fitness, she continued to grow.

In 2012 and 2013, she traveled to Australia to study with Dr. Paul Cribb and Metabolic Precision. There, Flo obtained additional certifications in nutrition, sports conditioning and personal training. With this additional knowledge and a renewed confidence, she decided to branch out on her own. In 2014, Flo started FloMotion Fitness in the park at Hal Brady Recreation Complex in Alachua, Fl. From these humble beginnings FloMotion has grown,

and we are now located in a huge facility on Highway 441 in Alachua. Flo continues to channel her passion for health and fitness into her business and encourages clients to keep pursuing their own goals. She lives and breathes the concept that age is no limitation and it's never too late to change your life. Whether you are 20, 30, 40, or 70, there is no time like the present and Flo is ready to guide you on your way! (Photo: Flo surfing in Australia)

FUN FACTS Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Book Genre: Fiction/Mystery

Hobbies: shooting shotgun sports (trap and skeet)

Other: (1) Surfed off the coast of Sydney, Australia and (2) went through a terrible horse-riding accident that left her deaf in her right ear

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