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Healthy Eating Made Easy?? Yes Please!

Are you one of those individuals that wants to start eating better but it doesn't ever seem to work out? Or maybe you just don't think you have the time to cook a healthy meal 3 times per day.

5 Tips to Stress-Free Clean Eating:

  1. STOCK UP - Fill your pantry and fridge with healthy food options. If you stock up on the healthy stuff you'll have several options to choose from when you're cooking or in the need or a quick snack. If you have unhealthy options available, you'll probably be tempted to eat those instead, so make sure you're mindful of your weaknesses while grocery shopping.

  2. MEAL PREP - You've probably heard of meal prepping before, it has become a very popular concept, and if you don't already you might want to consider adding it to your regular kitchen routine. If you lead a busy week, healthy eating can be extremely hard because you need the quick breakfast, lunch or dinner. With meal prepping, you prepare healthy meal options ahead of time, like during the weekend, for your Monday-Friday work week. Grocery stores typically carry lots of reusable containers perfect for dividing up different meal components so you can even include sides!

  3. DOUBLE DUTY INGREDIENTS - When you're choosing ingredients for your next meal, try choosing ones that can multi-task for you! This means that not only is the item tasty but it also is helping you on your wellness journey. For example, avocados are great before bed because their amount of unsaturated fats produce high levels of serotonin which stimulates an area of the brain which induces sleep.

  4. RESTAURANT CHOICES - Be smart when you order your meal at a restaurant! Order a vegetable as a side item, ask your waiter for substitutes, or even consider getting a sauce or dressing on the side so that you can add as much as you need versus letting them pour on too much. There are lots of resources out there for you to learn more about "guilt-free" meals choices and cocktails for when you go out. Another important thing to be aware of is that a lot of restaurants bring out plates with more food than is in one serving size, so don't be disappointed if you don't "clean your plate". Take home the leftovers and use it as your "meal prepped" lunch for the next day (:

  5. PORTION GUIDES - Alright, this is the most daunting concept... portion control. However, you shouldn't see it that way, it's actually a breeze! All you need to know is how much you should be eating of proteins, vegetables, carbs, and then you'll be headed well on your way in the right direction. An easy way to look at your portioning control, is take your hand and look at it palm up. The palm is your protein (4-6 ounces), your thumb is fat (1-2 tbsp), your other four fingers are your carbs (1/2 cup). The vegetables should take up the rest of your plate. Remember this is just a guide, and specific portion sizes will be different for each individual.


Busy schedules tend to be a very popular limiting factor, but there are ways to work around the time issue and still eat in a way that benefits your body. Don't be one of the people that keeps saying they'll do better the next day, but then that "next day" never comes. Only you can make that lifestyle change and start eat healthier. If you need accountability to keep you on the right track let us know! We'd love to help give you even more tips and tricks.

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