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Client Spotlight

Josie Goodyear, FloMotion Fitness Client spotlight of the month

Hard work pays off, just ask Josie:

Josie a vivacious 26 yo, began looking for a fitness center last year after working out in her home gym but not seeing the results that she wanted and expected. She wanted to gain strength, definition and lift heavier but felt a need for safety. After trying out several of the larger box gyms around, she visited FloMotion Fitness and found her home. Josie wanted a fitness center that had a sense of community, knowledgeable instructors (who could provided advice when she needed it), had the right equipment and allowed her access when she wanted (without having to fight the crowds). Josie found all that in FloMotion Fitness. FloMotion Fitness is truly a boutique fitness center that affords its clients the atmosphere and attention they want, to train in.

Josie workouts 4 days a week now. She has gained muscle mass, strength and definition. In addition, she gets tips from Flo on better ways to do an exercise that has helped her reach her goals. She has also added a session a week of Indoor Cycling with Diane Hansis. This has resulted in her increasing her aerobic fitness and stamina.

In all, Josie is very happy with her decision to come join the FloMotion Community. All of us here at FloMotion Fitness will continue to support her on her fitness journey and will help her reach her goals. As they say,"YOU GO GIRL!"

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