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Susan Grant Economics Ebook Download [Latest-2022]




Free online at eNotes. Read by millions of students each month. Sorry, all of the free study resources at eNotes are now behind a paywall on … Read more. EUROPE: The drama of Brexit was brought to a decisive conclusion on March 29th when the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. The vote prompted a strong reaction from European leaders, who suspended negotiations on Britain’s departure from the bloc and blocked British government attempts to secure a “divorce deal” with the EU27. With hindsight, the EU’s response can be seen as a poor-quality litmus test for a series of critical political issues. By rejecting the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission, it risked jeopardizing its own access to public spending from the EU budget (the so-called Spitzenkredittransfers). Not only did it threaten to pull the plug on a complex international exchange scheme (the “single market”), but it also risked igniting a trade war with the United States, for whom the EU is a vital source of goods and services. Indeed, some in Washington have argued that any trade war is preferable to losing Britain as a political ally. Whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, the loss of one of the world’s most influential countries will likely have consequences far beyond the economic frontiers of the EU. Indeed, a May 23rd referendum in Italy showed that the Brexit vote was not a uniquely British phenomenon. Populism, euroscepticism and nativism have returned to the center of political debate in Europe. Many of the challenges facing the EU have become existential, and its ability to manage such turbulence will have profound implications for the continent’s political, economic and social future. As David Cameron prepares to step down as Britain’s prime minister and leave the EU, there is still a broad consensus among Europhiles and Eurosceptics that Britain’s exit will be messy. The opposition Labour Party, which was critical of the EU during its leadership contest, has promised that it will seek a second referendum on the final deal. The Conservative government is expected to seek an “associate” membership of the EU once the exit talks are concluded. The recent bout of Brexit-related volatility has offered a timely reminder that many of the challenges facing the EU are beyond its control. The euro zone is still ill-equipped to deal with a continent in political and



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Susan Grant Economics Ebook Download [Latest-2022]

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