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Coco (English) Download Movies quynfull




Category:American animated films Category:2017 animated films Category:2010s American animated films Category:Coco (2017 film) Category:English-language films Category:American filmsQ: Can you have multiple controllers using one route in AngularJS? I have a route that displays a page. I have two actions on this page, "Page 1" and "Page 2" with HTML links on that page. My routes look like this: $routeProvider.when('/my/path/page1', { templateUrl:'scripts/template/my/path/page1.html', controller: 'controller1' }).when('/my/path/page2', { templateUrl:'scripts/template/my/path/page2.html', controller: 'controller2' }); Is it possible to have both actions/controllers in the same route? If so, how can I do this? A: Yes, you can do this with the $routeProvider. I would recommend putting all the logic you need in the page 1 controller. So if all the logic needs to happen is dependent on which page you are on then just have that logic in the controller for page 1. If you want to do something completely different for each page then split your logic up into each page's controller. Again, I would recommend putting everything that is page 1 specific in page1's controller. If you want to change something on one page that effects the other then create a service that holds this information and pass it into the page's controller when it's needed. /* * wm8804-regulator.c -- Regulator driver for the WM8804 * * Copyright 2009 Wolfson Microelectronics plc * * Author: Mark Brown * * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as * published by the Free Software Foundation. */ #include #include




Coco (English) Download Movies quynfull

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