Meet the Team: Mckenzie

Welcome to another meet the team post, where we have been letting you get a better peak at who makes up Team FloMo and who they are both in and outside the gym.

Mckenzie is a High Springs native, born and raised. She is one of our three NASM certified personal trainers and teaches some of our weekly group fitness classes. Mckenzie has been training with us for three years now and we are happy to have had her on the team.

She is extremely passionate about food and culinary arts. She strives every day to make sure that her diet is well-balanced and includes lots of variety at every meal. Mckenzie hopes to continue pursuing this passion by traveling abroad and applying for the Culinary Institute of Italy within the next five years. Currently she runs a meal prep business that allows her to gain even more insight into the food service industry in a hands-on environment.

Mckenzie enjoys spending time outside in her free time whether she's at the beach or in snowy mountains. Everything outdoors is right up her alley. However, she has days where she would just love to curl up on the couch with her cat and binge watch Netflix all afternoon.

Her fitness journey started at a very young age playing volleyball and softball. It continued throughout life into high school and then she started weightlifting and fell in love with it. She's always enjoyed bringing friends to the gym and “showing them the ropes”, which this led to her realization that personal training as a career didn't even sound like a job, just a way to get paid for doing something she loved. When she's in the gym she really enjoys hitting the heavy lifting as she is trying to gain weight (muscle mass). One of her favorite exercises to perform are sumo deadlifts because they make her feel strong, powerful, and accomplished. Mckenzie pushes herself to keep a positive mindset to promote a "self hype" and improve success both in and outside of the gym. She wants to remind all of you that everyone has room for improvement and taking time to acknowledge faults/failures is important, just don't let them define you. (Photo: Mckenzie completing a back-squat with Flo spotting her)


Favorite Food: can't decide, but breakfast is the best!

Favorite Playlist Genre: old school hip hop

Favorite Quote: "If you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right!" -Henry Ford

Hobbies: playing beach volleyball and slow pitch softball


15315 NW US Hwy 441, Alachua, FL 32616

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